NyeasParty Takes a vow to be a Responsible Balloon Retailer -

Posted by Anniyea Jaffa on

NyeasParty is concerned about our community, the environment and the world.  

We are taking this pledge as a member of The Balloon Council:

As a Responsible Balloon Retailer, I promise to:

  • Include a weight with all foil balloons I sell
  • Never attach metallic ribbon to helium-filled balloons
  • Refrain from tying helium-filled foil balloons together to prevent clustering
  • Ask about latex allergies when selling latex balloons
  • Educate customers about smart balloon practices
  • Never releases foil balloons.
  • Always supervise young children, and don’t allow them to play with deflated balloons.
  • Properly dispose of balloons. Cut balloons with scissors directly above the knot or sealing point and immediately place in trash containers.

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