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Tonights Re-Broadcast of Shefik presents Invocation

Posted by Shefik Macauley on

The 5th episode of the syndicated radio show Shefik presents Invocation will be broadcast on the following terrestrial radio stations, tonight at 9 p.m to 10 p.m. ET: Boulder, CO - WAMF-DB 96.3 FM Lancaster, PA - WAMF-DB 102.1 FM and 1640 AM Las Vegas, NV - WAMF-DB 99.5 FM and 1520 AM Long Beach, CA - WAMF-DB 101.5 FM Macon, GA - WAMF-DB 87.9 FM and 810 AM Milwaukee, WI - WAMF-DB 90.3 FM Pittsburgh, PA - WAMF-DB 94.7 FM Tampa, FL - WAMF-DB 92.1 FM and 1630 AM This episode features Dan Bazile (Newscaster, Major Television Network Affiliate) and Andre Wallace (City Council Member,...

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