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Today's Broadcast of Shefik presents Invocation

Posted by Shefik Macauley on

The 4th episode of the syndicated radio show "Shefik presents Invocation" will be broadcast on the following terrestrial radio stations tonight, at 9 p.m. - 10 p.m. ET:- Boulder, CO - WAMF-DB 96.3 FM- Lancaster, PA - WAMF-DB 102.1 FM and 1640 AM- Las Vegas, NV - WAMF-DB 99.5 FM and 1520 AM- Long Beach, CA - WAMF-DB 101.5 FM- Macon, GA - WAMF-DB 87.9 FM and 810 AM- Milwaukee, WI - WAMF-DB 90.3 FM- Pittsburgh, PA - WAMF-DB 94.7 FM- Tampa, FL - WAMF-DB 92.1 FM and 1630 AMThis episode features Sonny Turner (Former Lead Singer of The Platters), recording artist...

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Shefik Presents Invocation

Posted by Anniyea Jaffa on

Nyeasparty is a proud sponsor of Shefik Presents Invocation The radio show is a mesmerizing and thought-provoking journey through musical discovery and appreciation that spans the decades. Each one-hour episode highlights one relatable focal point (chosen by Shefik), along with an accompanying playlist of songs (curated by Shefik), encompassing a unique thematic concept that invigorates the audience with creative impact. A wide spectrum of recording artists, actors, business executives, politicians, community leaders, and other special guests are also scheduled to offer their own commentary on the weekly topic, as a supplement to Shefik's engaging mindset. Listen to this weeks episode: Featuring; ...

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